Needing a new office can be a sign of success for a business, but it can be stressful. Moving office cubicles and other furniture isn’t easy.

Luckily, there are courier services that can help. Whether the new office is across the country or across the street, knowing the basics of disassembling and moving cubicles can make the process more efficient.

Basics of Moving Office Cubicles

If a company will be moving to a new office, it’s important to make sure everyone will be able to work there. In some cases, that means moving the current cubicle setup to the new office.

While the employees can easily clean out their desks, they’ll need somewhere to work. Unless the new office has cubicles, the best option is to move your current office cubicles.

Like other large pieces of furniture, it can be hard to move office cubicles. It may require the help of a professional service.

However, there are multiple good reasons to put in the effort.

Why Move Office Cubicles

For better or worse, not all offices feature office cubicles. If there are a lot of employees that work in cubicles, make sure the new office has that setup.

The new office can be enough of a change, so it’s essential to keep the employees comfortable.

Another reason to move office cubicles is that you will know how they work for people. You won’t have to make sure a new set has the necessary desks and storage areas.

Moving the same office cubicles to a new office can also save some money. The company won’t have to purchase a whole new set of cubicles if the new office doesn’t have any.

How to Move Office Cubicles

Unless you’re moving office cubicles down the hall, you need to figure out how to transport them. You should also make sure all of the employees know when they need to clear everything out.

You’ll also need to consider the new office layout so that you can put the cubicles in the right places. Finally, you’ll have to disassemble the cubicles before moving and then do the cubicle installation at the new office.

By following the right steps, you shouldn’t have a huge problem moving the office cubicles. Overall, planning ahead can make a huge difference.

Set the Date

Before moving any of the office cubicles, all of the employees need to know when the move will happen. The employees should have enough time to clear out their cubicle desks so that they don’t lose anything.

Make sure everyone knows as soon as possible. Then, everyone will be less stressed about the move.

If possible, try to move office cubicles on a day where the employees won’t need to work. The employees can then enjoy their day off without having to make up an extra day of work.

Alternatively, choose a day when the office won’t be as busy. Up to the move, send out periodic reminders so that the employees don’t forget to organize and collect their things.

Determine the New Cubicle Setup

Odds are the new office probably won’t have the same layout as the current one. In that case, it’s important to figure out the cubicle setup that will work the best.

Before disassembling the cubicles, measure them to see how big each unit is. Then, measure the new office space.

Next, use those measurements to determine the best way to design the cubicles. Depending on the office, you may need to get creative.

However, there may not be much choice in designing the layout. If that’s the case, you’ll need to determine where you can place the cubicles so that they fit.

Disassemble the Cubicles

Once you have an idea of where the cubicles will go in the new office, it’s time to start the move. If there are a lot of office cubicles to move, it can help to have some other people involved.

Ask some employees to help out, or hire a professional who can help with the process. If hiring a professional, make sure they also offer moving services so that there’s no need to hire movers separately.

Whether working with professionals or not, take pictures of the cubicles at each step. The pictures will come in handy for the cubicle installation at the new office.

Without pictures, it can be hard to figure out which pieces go where. That can add more time to the installation process.

Overall, it could delay the opening of the new office, which could cause problems for the business and employees.

Move to the New Office

Finally, it’s time to move the office cubicles to the new office. Since the panels can be big, it can help to hire a professional, like a courier, to handle the move.

If the delivery is scheduled an advance, the courier will know when to arrive at the current office. They can then handle moving the cubicles into their vehicle.

For longer moves, a courier can also ship the cubicles on a plane. Within the same city, the courier can make a stop along their route to collect the items and then deliver them.

Follow Cubicle Installation Steps

Once the cubicles arrive at the new office, it’s important to inspect the delivery. Choose a courier that offers insurance and check the cubicles before the driver leaves.

If there are any problems, ask the driver whom to contact. While damage doesn’t always happen, it can.

After the cubicles arrive and are in good shape, it’s time to install them. Based on the new office’s layout and the pictures from before, installing shouldn’t be too difficult.

Refer to the layout from the initial visit to the new office. Then, look at the pictures when putting the cubicles together.

Professional help can come in handy for this step, but even having employees help can be good.

Office Sweet Office

Moving office cubicles can be tedious, but it can be essential to a business when switching offices. Not only can it save you from buying new cubicles, but it can keep your employees comfortable in the new space.

However, you should know how to prepare for the move and what to do for moving day. Then, you can ensure a safe and successful move to the new office.

Do you want to hire a courier to move your office cubicles? Contact us to learn how we can help!