The average person moves more than 11.4 times in their lives. While you can move on your own, it’s always easier to get help from an experienced pro.

But if you’re like most people, hiring a moving company can be almost as stressful as the move itself. After all, they’re in charge of moving your possessions safely. They need to be up to the task.

So, where do you start?

Here’s a simple guide to how to choose a moving company you can have confidence in right from the start.

Ask Around

The best way to find movers you can trust is to ask your friends, family, or coworkers for recommendations.

If they’ve moved in the past few months and worked with a company they loved, they’ll share their information with you. And if they weren’t happy with their movers, you’ll know which companies to avoid outright.

If you don’t know anyone that’s moved in the recent past, don’t panic. Start researching companies online.

Check their reputations with the Better Business Bureau instead of relying on reviews alone. Any claims filed against the company get investigated by the BBB. The results of those investigations get published on the site.

Remember, other online reviews are anonymous and there’s no way to know if the person reviewing the company actually worked with them.

Get Estimates from Several Companies

Once you have a list of companies you’re interested in, you’ll want to get estimates from each mover.

Every company calculates moving costs differently. And what one company considers an “extra” service, another may consider part of their basic package.

Before you can start narrowing down your list, you’ll need to know how much the service will cost.

Ideally, every company will give you a written estimate based on the amount and types of items they’ll move for you. They’ll also explain the services they’ll provide on those estimates.

This lets you compare the cost of each company against the others you’re considering.

If a mover doesn’t want to give you a written estimate, keep looking. Otherwise, you won’t know for sure what you’re getting for your money, and you won’t have a way to directly compare their services against the others.

Keep in mind that choosing the cheapest movers may not always be the best option. Always look for a balance between price and the services they provide. It may cost more, but you’ll have a better moving experience.

Check Their References

Every reputable moving company will have references that are willing to share their experiences with you.

Take the time to follow up with those references. Ask how the crew treated their belongings and if there were any issues that came up.

If the previous clients have mostly positive things to say, you’ll likely have the same experience. But if they express concerns, pay attention. If multiple people report having the same issue, it’s likely going to be a problem for you, too.

Make Sure They’re Licensed and Insured

Anyone with a truck can advertise moving services and help you transport your belongings, but that doesn’t mean they’re a trustworthy company.

You want to look for moving companies that are fully licensed and insured to run their business. This helps protect you from unexpected liability lawsuits and guarantees that they’re legally allowed to drive a large commercial moving truck.

Don’t hesitate to ask for proof of their license and insurance policies. Trustworthy companies will gladly provide them to you.

If a moving company refuses to provide you with proof of license and insurance, keep looking. Otherwise, you could end up being liable for any injuries or damage that happens while your stuff is on the road.

Pick the Type of Transport You Actually Need

Before you choose a company, think about the type of services you really need.

Do you want a full-service provider to handle everything from packing up your space to unloading the truck? Or do you only need someone to take a few oversized items that you can’t fit in the back of your car?

Think about how you want the move handled. If you’re comfortable packing up your belongings or only have a few items to send on the truck, you won’t need a full-service provider.

Remember, the last thing you want to do is pay for services you don’t want or need. When you’re clear on what you want from your movers, they’ll be better able to provide you with services that fit your budget.

Many companies offer some degree of customization in their services, so you should be able to find a great option quickly.

Pay Attention to Customer Service

It should come as no surprise that stellar customer service can make any move better. So, pay attention to the way the movers treat you when you’re getting estimates and workout out the details.

Ideally, they’ll be responsive to your needs, your deadline, and your concerns every time you speak with them. If they’re not, or they seem rushed, keep searching.

The best companies put you, the customer, first in everything they do.

Take the Stress Out of How to Choose a Moving Company

If you’re wondering how to choose a moving company for your needs, you’re not alone. These tips will help you take the stress out of finding a company you can trust, but you’ll still want to follow through with each step.

If you’re ready to take the next step, get a free quote or contact our team today.