According to a poll conducted in 2017, almost 60 percent of Americans say that the stress associated with moving is worse than the stress associated with planning a wedding. From packing up everything they own to transporting it from point A to point B, people seem to despise every aspect of the moving process.

There is no getting around the fact that you’re going to encounter at least some stress the next time you decide to move. But there are some moving hacks that you can use to cut down on your stress levels throughout the duration of your move.

Here are 9 moving hacks that will make your life significantly easier when you’re making a move.

1. Start Packing At Least a Few Weeks Before Your Move

One of the biggest mistakes that people make when preparing for a move is waiting until the very last minute to pack. This will make your entire moving experience a whole lot more stressful than it really has to be.

Once you know when you’re going to be moving, give yourself at least a few weeks to pack everything up in your existing home. By giving yourself plenty of time, you’ll take most of the stress out of the equation and make packing more pleasant.

2. Throw Out or Donate Things You Don’t Want Anymore

The last thing you want to do when packing up your existing home is simply take everything you own and throw it into boxes. A move will give you and your family the perfect excuse to undergo a purge.

During a purge, you should look around at everything you own and get rid of anything you don’t use anymore. From furniture that’s been buried in the basement for years now to clothes that you haven’t worn since the 1990s, you should purge as much as you can from your home.

While purging, you should either throw things out if they’re not in good condition anymore or donate them to a charitable organization in your area. This will cut down on the number of things that you have to move to your new home and do some good for your community.

3. Place Items You Might Need During Your Move in Clear Bins

While you do want to start packing as early as you possibly can prior to a move, one of the challenges with doing it is that you’re inevitably going to pack a few items that you might need while you’re still in the process of moving.

There’s a simple solution to this problem. As you pack, you should place any items that you think you might need during your move into clear bins. The clear bins will make it easy for you to see items so that you can find them quickly in the event that you need them.

4. Use Blankets and Clothing in Place of Bubble Wrap

Most people run out and buy a bunch of packing supplies when they’re preparing to make a move. From boxes to bubble wrap, they spend hundreds of dollars on supplies that they end up throwing out after their move is complete.

You might not be able to get around buying durable packing boxes. But you can steer clear of buying bubble wrap and make packing slightly easier on yourself in the process.

Rather than relying on bubble wrap to protect your fragile items, you can use blankets and clothing in its place. This will actually kill two birds with one stone, as you’ll be able to give fragile items the protection they need while also packing your blankets and clothing away at the same time.

5. Label What’s in Each Box You Pack and What Rooms It Belongs In

Once you’re done packing a box with a bunch of household items, you should seal it up and write down what’s inside of it on the outside of the box. Additionally, you should write down which room it belongs in.

Whether you’re hiring movers to help you move or moving on your own, doing this will let everyone know which boxes belong where in your new home.

6. Photograph the Wires Used For Electronics Before Disconnecting Them

When you’re in a rush to move, you might be tempted to rip all the wires out of the back of a TV or stereo system and say, “I’ll figure out how to hook it back up later.”

This will more often than not lead to you dealing with a big headache later. It’s not always easy to figure out where wires go when it comes to TVs, stereo systems, and other electronics.

Instead of ripping wires out of them haphazardly, take a few extra seconds and snap photos of where the wires go in your electronics. This will make it infinitely easier to reconnect your electronics.

7. Clean Your New Home Before Moving Into It

You should always, always, always clean a new home before you move into it. Even if it looks like the previous owner cleaned it up, you should clean it for yourself to make sure it’s as clean as it can be.

You should do this before you move into the home, too. If you wait until all of your stuff is moved in, you’re going to have a heck of a time trying to clean every nook and cranny.

8. Pack Overnight Bags For Every Member of Your Family

When you first move into a new home, everything is going to be a big mess. You’re not going to be able to find anything in the piles of boxes strategically placed throughout your home.

Therefore, it’s a good idea to pack overnight bags for every member of your family with the things people will need. Each overnight bag should contain a couple changes of clothing, medications, toiletries, and anything else that a person might need during the first few days in a new home.

9. Consider Shipping Fragile Items

Are you worried about keeping one or two specific items safe during a move?

If you have anything that’s extra fragile or anything that you just don’t want to move yourself, you can always have it shipped across town. Take advantage of on demand shipping services that will have your belongings at your new front door in no time.

Make Your Next Move a Success With These Moving Hacks

The moving hacks that you see here aren’t going to remove all of the stress from your next move. But they will lighten the load on you and make your move more manageable.

Keep them in mind and refer to them early and often as you prepare to move. You’ll be glad you did when you and your belongings are safe and sound in your new home.

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